How To Create A Successful Website

How To Create A Successful Website

In this innovative day and age anyone can make a website with a do-it-yourself website template site like Wix that allows you to drag and drop images and text in order to create a website, but not many people can actually create a website that drives sales and client growth.

I have seen plenty of websites, both good, bad, and atrocious. Just by looking at a site you can tell whether they used a website designer or content coordinator depending on how well the website leads you to go through the site. If people only look at your home page and are not being led to browse through other pages than you know you are doing something wrong within the layout design of your website.

4 Things Every Successful Website Has

Now depending on your business and brand, you may use a website to demonstrate different aspects of your business to your clients or target audience. In order to get your target audience to your page on a consistent basis, apply the following to your website

1. Useful Content specifically targeted to your target audience. Now this could be a blog that gives ideas to your clients about other ways to use your products or knowledge your business can freely give in order to attract a customer following and loyalty. Make sure your articles ultimately engage with your audience and that it leads them to clicking on other posts or promotions. It is also very useful to have promotions or your products and services shown in the sidebar of your post (article) pages.

2. A promotional pop-up. Now most people do not like getting bombarded with pop ups, but if the pop-up is designed in a pleasing way and the promotion is worth their wild then they will click, sign up, and give you their money. 

3. A newsletter sign-up area. Most businesses that sell a product, host events, or provide a service could benefit greatly through having a consistent newsletter for their clients. This will allow you to communicate with your clients more regularly and reminding them of your brand. Now do not just have an area to sign up, give your clients a reason to sign up. Tell them what you will provide if they sign up, make sure it is something your clients want so they are more enticed to sign up to your newsletter.

4. Great Photos and imagery. 

It's true when they say a picture says a thousand words. Most people lose interest in a website that is filled with text. Make it easier on your clients eyes and give them beautiful relevant images to help tell the messages you want to convey. You will captivate their attention much longer with good high quality images. No pixelated images.

It's all about content organization.

Once again, the goal is to have your clients on your site for longer durations. The longer they are on a site the more likely they will buy your product or acquire your services. This is the part where most people get lazy. They have the content but they do not strategically place it in order to lead their customer's experience. This is were it helps to have a professional who understands user experience design and design hierarchy. But if you can't hire a professional, then do your best to place content with purpose and organization. 

If you still need more advice about your website then take advantage of the free website consultation.

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