The Branding Process

The Branding Process

A brand is so much more than a name for a service or product. It is more than a pretty logo. Your brand is the tone, feel, and message that your business represents. It is the overall identity that customers will associate you with and remember you for. To win loyal customers, you need to develop a story that represents the quality and character of your organization or product. By telling that story consistently across all channels and backing it up with exceptional customer service, you gain all the benefits (and profits) that come from being a trusted name in the marketplace.

The Branding Process Building Blocks

Whether you are just starting a business or looking to improve your current business image, here are the building blocks of your brand that you need to identify. I suggest writing them down as you think about it.

  • Figure out target audience. Who are your clients.
  • Determine the needs your product or service fulfills for your clients.
  • Decide what are the values (set of standards) that determine your business attitude, choices, and actions. Core principles your business carries out in its branding.
  • Consider what is the driving force or passion that is carrying this business forward.
  • Determine the mission for your business.  What is the very purpose for its creation, what is it set out to do.
  • What is the unique quality that sets your business apart
  • Decide 4 keywords that will describe your brand.
  • Determine your brands unique promise of value? This is the promise you make to your target market that your brand will fulfill. It clarifies and communicates what makes you special. You must be able to live up to this promise.





After thoroughly thinking about what you envision your brand identity to embody than you can move forward to the visual representation of your brand through it’s logo and imagery/graphics used within the brand’s content.

Other Services

Promotion Design Service Includes: Any printing or digital material aimed to promote business. (ex. posters, menu's, business cards, fliers...etc)

Website + Hosting Services Includes: Designing a fully responsive and user friendly website that embodies your brands image and is geared toward sales growth.


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